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Welcome To Our Training Website

Real Estate Group is a residential and commercial real estate broker, licensed in California.

We list and sell real estate through the brokerage but we also buy real estate.

We specialize in helping homeowners who are facing foreclosure, are in foreclosure, or are suffering some sort of family or financial crisis and need a way to sell their property quickly and without having to pay any costs.

We provide training programs to our members that teach them how to buy these properties, fix them up and resell the properties for quick profit or to hold for long term capital gains.

We provide "hands on" training, as well as online access.

We allow members who train with us to work with us to:
  • Earn referral fees by referring properties to us that we can purchase
  • Partner with us to earn referral fees when we purchase the properties they refer to us and earn a share of the profits we make when we rehab and resell the properties
Please click the tab "Training Overview" above to see a full overview of our low cost training programs which can purchased in full or on a 2 payment plan.

To see the "House Flipping Spreadsheet" that we use to flip houses, click the link and it will take you to the website where you can view all available spreadsheets and bundles that are for purchase at a very low cost. We use the "Enterprise Bundle" for PC & Tablet. Note that if you decide to purchase our "Partnering Program" training, you will not need to purchase any of the spreadsheets on the spreadsheet website as the "Enterprise Bundle" is included in your training fee and it is already customized for our group and may be further customized for your business as well.

Click the link to view the spreadsheets, videos explaining how to use them or to download a Demo.
House Flipping Spreadsheet Website

To purchase the spreadsheet we use click  Enterprise Bundle

To view an image of the "Wholesale Calculator" that is included in the Enterprise Bundle that we use, see it in the Training Overview. 

We hope you join our training group and we look forward to working with you.

Thanks for visiting and let us know if we can assist you!


  Hemet, CA
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