Residential & Commercial Real Estate Services
General PLN™ Information
For "Member Only" Investors
Lending For Fix & Flips
Investment Amount: $20,000 Minimum
Servicing Company: RE CAPITAL GROUP
Lender Qualifications: No Qualification Limitations
Minimum - Maximum Investment Amounts: $20,000 Minimum -
Up To The Total Cost Needed To Fund The Purchase, Rehab And Holding Of A Property Until It Can Be Resold For Profit
Interest Paid: 12% annually
Loan Terms: Generally 6 - 12 Months 
Type of Security: Lien / Deed Of Trust On The Property
Lending Territory: Residential - California

RE CAPITAL GROUP has set up a program for investors interested in investment opportunities the company may offer
We are looking for investors who want to fund our in-house deals

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Contact us if you have questions or an interest in funding all or part of some of our deals.
Cheryl direct cell (951) 318-6420

*Investors should consider their investment as illiquid for a minimum of the term of each transaction they choose to fund.

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